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Style Caravan

Sophisticated fashion for your diverse lifestyle.

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Spider Yoga Tank


This comfortable heavyweight cotton lycra yoga top, has a built in bra for...

Racerback Tunic


This sporty racerback tunic has a peek-a-boo cut outs on...

Texture Capri Leggings


These capri style leggings in durable cotton lycra jersey provide stylish...

Lace Back Tunic


This stretchy rayon lycra jersey tunic top has a lace...

Michele Dress


This sexy dress has a criss cross back which ties around...

Beach Dress


This sexy backless halter dress is made from a soft...

Open Back Top


This ultra lightweight and ever so soft, loose fit open...

Carrie Top


This lightweight rayon jersey tank is an essential summer layer....

Starseed Print Ninja Wrap


Move like a cosmic ninja in this stretchy cotton lycra...

Flare Ribbon Pants


These mid-weight cotton lycra jersey dance pants fit like leggings...

Mermaid Skirt


This cotton lycra jersey skirt is ultra comfy and stretchy....

Dragon Print Layer Tunic


Our ultimate layer tunic in mid-weight rayon lycra jersey, now comes in our...

Tie Dye Ninja Wrap


This one-of-a-kind cotton lycra Ninja Wrap is hand dyed in...

Tie Dye Mermaid Skirt


This one-of-a-kind cotton lycra jersey Mermaid Skirt is s hand dyed...

Tie Dye Grey Texture Poncho


This one-of-a-kind  Texture Poncho is hand dyed in California; from...

Tie Dye Shrug


This one-of-a-kind shrug is hand dyed in California; from tie dye...


Tie Dye Fingerless Gloves


Spice up your outfit and keep your hands cozy.  Protect...

Asli Designs Fringe Bag


Leather Clutch, Over the Shoulder Bag and/or Hip Belt, designed...

Texture Fingerless Gloves


Spice up your outfit and keep your hands cozy.  Protect...

Asli Designs Leather Clutch, Belt and Bag


Leather Clutch, Over the Shoulder and/or Hip Belt, designed by...

Kismet Infinity Scarf


Lightweight rayon jersey infinity scarf, designed by Kismet Boutique, has...

Hipstirr Lulu Belt


Soft and sultry with an elegant woven leather lace pattern....

Dragon Print Fingerless Gloves


Spice up your outfit and keep your hands cozy. Protect...

Starseed Print Fingerless Gloves


Spice up your outfit and keep your hands cozy.  Protect...

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Backless Tunic


This loose fit tunic or dress is perfect for the...


Starseed Print Layer Tunic


Our ultimate layer tunic in mid-weight cotton lycra jersey, now comes in...


Print Ballet Top


The slim fit of this top makes it a great layering...


Bubble Dress


This loose fitting dress is made from a lightweight rayon...


Lucy Top


This lightweight soft rayon jersey tee has a loose fit...


T Back Tunic


Sporty, yet sexy, this rayon lycra jersey tunic has a...


Gadiel Dress


This faux wrap style dress is made from a mid-weight...


Long Hoodie


This stretchy cotton lycra jersey hoodie jacket is fitted throughout the...


"Fashion changes. Style endures."—Coco Chanel

Inspired by a multicultural aesthetic that celebrates natural curves, textures, and vibrant color.  Our contemporary designs become cherished wardrobe treasures that flatter your form in multiple ways. We strive to deliver an authentic style of fashion while maintaining our genuine values.

Style Caravan Designer Clothing

"Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality."

A timeless style, with flexible fashion that flows with your daily movements through life. Celebrate your authentic self, in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors. We cater to an active lifestyle of travel, yoga, and dance, with versatile clothing that enables you to feel sexy and comfortable. All the while, upholding a professional, sophisticated look.

Style Caravan Lifestyle

"Style should reflect who you are."

By embracing ethical manufacturing standards, our design vision, and artistic collaborations, we are able to support our worldwide community in positive ways. We are devoted to integrating elegant, eco-friendly fabrics, which feel cozy on your skin and create outfits that you love to wear every day.

Style Caravan Values

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