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Oya Studs


These hand-crafted earrings are extremely light for their size and...

Gemstone Swirl Earring


Faceted high quality gemstones hand wrapped are finely finished in...

Zinnea Earring


Finely crafted from brass, sterling silver Dimensions: 63 x 44...

Fern Hoops


Finely finished in brass or white brass Diameter: 1.5" Weight: .03 oz Designed by...

Floating Lotus Hoops


Finely finished in brass and white brass Ear wire: sterling...

Gingko Hoops


Finely finished in brass and white brass Length: 2" Width: 1" Weight:...

Venus Hoops


Finely finished in brass or white brass Ear wire: sterling silver...

Octopus Hoops


Finely finished in brass and white brass Ear hooks are sterling...

Gemstone Scallop Earring


Faceted high quality gemstones are hand wrapped and finely finished...

Gingko Shell Hoop


Hand carved abalone shell finely finished in 14kt gold plated...

Ourea Earring


Finely finished with sterling silver ear wires. Dimensions: 58 x...



Finely finished in brass or white brass Ear wire: sterling silver 92.5...

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    Shop our selection of jewelry to spark your creativity and individuality. Our earrings are curated in a multitude of inspiring shapes and styles in brass, white brass, sterling silver, gemstones, and gold vermeil.