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Starseed Print Ninja Wrap


Starseed Print Ninja Wrap

Starseed Print Ninja Wrap



Unleash your power in our stretchy rayon jersey wrap top, which is 100% reversible.

Fits most body shapes and can be worn with just about anything. Tall boots and a skirt, leggings, wide leg flares, even jeans! It's sleek enough to layer under with a long sleeve or over with a vest or jacket.

How to wear: Slip on like a vest and then wrap the ends around your body until you get the fit that works. Provides great support . Button closure down the back can adjust to multiple sizes by picking the button that feels the best.

Comes in three colors: Teal, Plum, Black with Gold starseed print.

One Size (O/S)


Designed by CARAUCCI

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